Fountainhead Essay Contest 2012 Winners

The Second Prize winner is Abigail Lashbrook.

Biography: I am a twenty-two year old homeschool graduate who hopes to never stop learning! More than anything else, I love to study the Word of God; I also enjoy studying Greek and Latin, history, philosophy, and art, and am continually amazed at how all knowledge, when seen through the lens of Scripture, leads us to see anew the author and finisher of our faith, Jesus Christ! I am currently studying art and completing a graphic art internship at Lamplighter Ministries; learning how to see the beauty of God and communicate it to others through my life and work is my greatest passion in life.

Before reading Without a Prayer, I didn't know the first thing about Ayn Rand, so reading her books, learning about her philosophy, and working through John Robbins' detailed analysis of her philosophy was an excellent exercise in study and research for me. I found it fascinating to observe Mr. Robbins' methods of logical analysis, particularly his use of presuppositions. It was also fascinating to have a glimpse of the �other side� through the reading of Rand's two most famous books, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged; she was a brilliant author and yet at the same time so blind in her hatred for God�it was sad to see the results of intellect divorced from truth. Being an art student, I found the philosophy of art found in The Fountainhead particularly intriguing, as it gave me many new ideas for study on one of my favorite topics! But Atlas Shrugged was also interesting as a study in political philosophy (and propaganda!), something I had not studied much hitherto. I'm looking forward to reading the thoughts of the other essay winners, as Without a Prayer provides the springboard for limitless discussions and applications!

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