Integrity And Competence In Public Service Essay

The Importance of Ethical Integrity Essay

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What is ethical integrity and why is it important? This paper will address the viewpoint of ethical integrity and its outcome. Ethical Integrity is a favorably sensible method for doing what is right when it comes to people dealing with people. In today’s society, ethical integrity has become a modern lifestyle. When a person has a strong moral character, they are said to be a person of integrity and to live a honest life is said to be the most important virtue a person can have. Consistency is a concept of ethical integrity and people should act according to their moral principles. In other words, people should do what they say. For example, if a company owner speaks about the need to improve productivity in the workplace, he/she would…show more content…

In general, in order for a corporation to maintain long-term success, ethical integrity must include the following standards from the entire staff: being trustful, meeting obligations, and being respectful.
For instance, if an employee is hurt on the job, it is the employer’s ethical duty or obligation to do the right thing by offering compensation for the employee’s injuries, since the incident occurred in the workplace. Another example why ethical integrity is important in the workplace is when the headship of a business is dishonest and has no respect for their employees; as a result, the employees will show lack of integrity in return and eventually, poor performance will be expressed and the business reputation will be damaged. Consequently, respect would not be attained between the proprietor and staff members because of lack of integrity. Integrity in the workplace should influence employees to imitate those in authority with ethical standards to ensure positive conduct.
“While business integrity is parallel to business ethics, honesty in a business will promote a truthful reputation, which will eventually gain respect” (Bigelow, 2005, para. 1). The need to have ethical integrity in the workplace is important to the stability and enduring success of any company because when decent decisions are made, ethics come into play.
Accordingly, most corporations have a code of ethics in place

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