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Fidel Castro’s Rise to Power Through is “History Will Absolve Me” Speech Part A: Plan of Investigation With 1950’s Cuba in distress, Fidel Castro was able to swiftly consolidate power. Focusing on the events of 1952 to 1959 when Castro obtained the position of the Prime Minister of Cuba, this investigation will examine- how did Fidel Castro’s “History will absolve me” speech provided the morale to his rise to power in 1950’s Cuba? His defense speech during his trial for the 26 th of July Movement called History Will Absolve Me and Fidel Castro: Rebel, Liberator, or Dictator by Jules Dubois will serve as the two main sources alongside many academic sources. Through his speech, Castro became a household name in Cuba, giving him the recognition he needed to gain presidential power. Due to the positive Cubans response to his speech, Castro gained the support he needed in order to overthrow Batista’s regime. The famous “History Will Absolve Me” speech delivered by Castro was an important asset to his rise to power in 1950’s Cuba. Part B: Summary of Evidence In order to understand in impact the speech had only the Cubans, it is important to understand the situation in Cuba at the time leading up to Castro assuming power. • Fulgencio Batista was Cuba’s premier political leader from 1933 to 1958 exercising presidential power except between 1944 to 1952. 1 • Batista had been feared and not loved by the Cubans. 2 • On September 4, 1933 and March 10, 1952, Batista rose to power as a usurper in Cuba and both times he claimed that his predecessors were even worse. He led a corrupt and unprofessional regime. 3 1 H.E. Chehabi and Juan J. Linz, Sultanic Regimes (Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press, 1998), 113. 2 Carlos Alberto Montaner, Journey to the Heart of Cuba: Life as Fidel Castro (New York: Algora Publishing, 2001), 48. 3 H.E. Chehabi and Juan J. Linz, Sultanic Regimes (Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press, 1998), 113-114.

Castro's Cuban Social Revolution Essay examples

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Castro's Cuban Social Revolution In 1959 Castro's July movement overthrew the Batista regime in a social revolution. The Cuban public supported such a revolution because of the decaying domestic conditions. Since Cuba's independence in 1901 the United States established rigid foreign controls. The foreign control spanned all aspects of life, including political, economic, and social facets leading the Cuban people to support drastic change in the form of a social revolution.

Since Cuba's independence the USA had an overwhelming presence in the political forum by instating national policy, supporting certain…show more content…

The government rather than symbolizing the voice of the people carried out the orders of a foreign power and pushed the public towards a revolution.

Just as the USA's foreign control structured the government to benefit itself, the same occurred in the economy. By 1928 the USA controlled over 78% of Cuba's sugar industry. The USA's abidance to the Law of Comparative Advantage molded the economy to simultaneously profit the USA and drive Cuba into a cycle of dependency. In order to maintain trade with the US, Cuba was forced to sell their sugar cheaper then any other country. Because Cuba's monoculture was sugar, the country became dependent on the USA as their sole buyer since they had no other crop to export and was not self-sufficient. This dependency became clear with the global depression. When the USA established the Hawley-Smoot tariff, which basically doubled the price of sugar, Cuba's economy suffered. Futher, what money was made by the sugar industry was never returned to the people. The vast majority of the profit made was returned to US investors that owned nearly 80% of the industry and the remaining 20% profited the minute upper class, which would rather buy foreign goods then domestic ones. In this cycle of foreign dependency no money was returned to the Cuban domestic economy. The Cuban people favored a revolution in order to break from their

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