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If you want to capture different profit center at portfolio level in financial transaction of treasury deals at the time of posting of deals. For these, you can set up derivation rule under Additional Account Assignment settings where source field is Company Code, Portfolio and Target fields: Profit Center.

The configuration steps:

Define Derivation of Additional Account Assignments (T-code -TPM_DERIVE_ACCNT)

IMG ->Financial Supply Chain Management -> Treasury and Risk Management -> Transaction Manager -> General Settings -> Accounting -> Link to Other Accounting Components -> Additional Account Assignments -> Define Derivation of Additional Account Assignments

Please define source fields and target fields.

Then please define the conditions as your business requirement.

After this, please maintain the rule values like below screenshots.

Create deal with Portfolio 1, and Company code 0001

Post the deal by transaction TBB1, you can see the field: “profit center” has been filled.

Related notes:

1755316 – TRAC: Business Area not filled from acct.assign.reference

1731454 – Profit Center determination using OTC portfolio not working


An account assignment reference is assigned to each position. You can use transaction to transfer positions with their book value from one account assignment reference to another, that is, a transfer of the financial positions to the G/L accounts. To use this transaction, on the screen, choose .


You can only perform the function once for each key date.

End of the caution.



In the area, you select the positions for which you wish to carry out an account assignment reference transfer.

Make sure to transfer all the selected positions to the same .

Enter the transfer parameter (key date on which the posting is to occur) and the .


We recommend that you first carry out the account assignment reference transfer as a test run. To do this, set the indicator.

End of the recommendation.


Once you have made your selections, a list of the positions to be transferred is displayed. After you have checked the positions to be transferred, select . The general ledger transfer of the positions is performed and a posting log is output. You can branch from the posting log to the . Once you carry out the account assignment reference transfer, the system sets a posting block. This means that no postings with a key date earlier than the posting date of the account assignment reference transfer can be posted to the position.

Reversing the Account Assignment Reference Transfer

If you need to reverse the account assignment reference transfer after the transfer has been updated, you can use the transaction .

The system lists the selected positions. If it is unable to find an account assignment reference, however, then neither the posting date nor the old account assignment reference are displayed for the position. This position is then not taken into account as part of the reversal. Once the account assignment reference transfer has been reversed, the system displays a posting log from which you can branch to an error log.

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