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Freedom Writers- Theme Essay:
The film Freedom Writers directed by Richard La Gravenese is an American film based on the story of a dedicated and idealistic teacher named Erin Gruwell, who inspires and teaches her class of belligerent students that there is hope for a life outside gang violence and death. Through unconventional teaching methods and devotion, Erin eventually teaches her pupils to appreciate and desire a proper education. The film itself inquiries into several concepts regarding significant and polemical matters, such as: acceptance, racial conflict, bravery, trust and respect. Perhaps one of the more concentrated concepts of the film, which is not listed above, is the importance and worth of education. This notion is…show more content…

Erin’s view seems to be that if enough effort is put into educating students they will not revert back to crime in later years. Thing strong opinion contrasts considerably with the view of Margaret, who shows woe when commenting on voluntary integration. Margaret seems wary when noticing Erin’s overwhelming optimism towards her troublesome students; students Margaret considers to be intractable. Margaret goes on to warn Erin not to wear her pearl necklace to class but despite this warning, Erin wears it around the school constantly. This symbolizes the trust Erin has in her students and her abilities to teach her students right from wrong. This is an example of the film technique of specific dialogue which was used in the film.
This concept is expanded later when Erin requests that Margaret give the children in her class proper books and resources. Her request is met with an apathetic response that due to the nature of the children in her class, the students would have to use the inexpensive booklets they were accustomed to. In reaction to this, Erin takes on two more occupations in order to finance the expenses of correct books herself. This action shows us the high regard Erin has for proper pedagogical material and for education in general. Margaret, on the other hand, does not consider that the children may benefit from utilising proper books if given the chance and that giving them booklets can be interpreted as a degrading act.

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‘Richard La Gravense’s’ movie ‘Freedom Writer’ is based on a true story of a teacher and one hundred and fifty students of Woodro Wilson High School. This story is taken by the Eva’s diary, a true story of a girl, who suffers a lot in her life because of the racial riot. In the movie all the students are affected by the gang violence and racial tension in their life. This movie shows the effort of the teacher, who reconciles all the student in-spite of big racial wall. To erase the gap between the students she ruins her private life and makes them reconcile. Erin the main protagonist, a new excited school teacher comes at ‘Woodro Wilson High school’ in long beach to teach the students. It is 1994 in long beach California,…show more content…

They fight break out, and eventually most of the students stop turning up to class. Not only does erin meet opposition from her students, but she also has a hard time with her department head. The department who refuses to let her students with book in case they get damage and lost, and instead tells her to focus on teaching them discipline and obedience at school. All the students like combodians, maxicons, latinos, blacks, and one white guy are not ready to listen her in the beginning. They thought that she came here to rule over them and teach them some nonsense thinks. They are not interested here earnest attempt to discuss about Homer, the Greek poet. They hate her. The kids are radically separated along self impose ethnic lines. They fight, quarrel to each other in the classroom in front of their teacher because of their race. They think that all whites are same, cruel and disgusting. Therefore they do not interested and care the teacher advice and words. One day when one student draws a racial picture of another one erin angrily tell them about holocaust and horror of racism and decides them to reconcile. She tells them the historical prism of national socialist Germany and it is bigotry and genocide against the Jews.’ Adolf Hitlar’ ‘Gang’ puts young gang to shame. The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. Because of

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