Should Smoking Be Banned Completely Essaytyper

  • No it should not be banned

    By banning smoking completely, firstly a country's economy might not do as well as they would not have the profits earned from selling cigarettes to contribute . Secondly, it is not very possible for every smoker to stop their addiction suddenly, this can lead to further severe consequences as well

  • Should be banned or raised to expensive prices

    You should ban it or raise its prices so less people will be motivated to buy it, even illegally people would have to pay way more than would have to do so legally. This would motivate people to buy other less harmful products, that most probably have the same effect such as alcohol

  • It shouldn't be banned because...

    Smoking, while it is very bad for you, is a very high demanded item... Making it illegal would do nothing more than increase demand for cigarettes and cause more people to go to jail each year... It is very probable that it could get banned but it is not a good choice.

  • Ahahahaha, it's waaaaaay too late for that.

    At this point, banning will only cause more problems than solutions. Addictive chemicals have already sacked many people. If smokes were to be banned completely, it would be the Prohibition in the US (1920-1933) all over again. Sure, health would have a great relief. But now because of tobacco being widely used, illegal use and production of it will be a very large problem. Money wouldn't do much better if budgets are constantly being spent on crackdowns. This ban will start a new chapter in the "War on Drugs" and could be putted to an early end due to large disapproval from the public. But, and the big but is that smoking could be restricted. Butt not completely banned.

  • Well, not completely banned.

    Smoking is harmful to the smoker, but it also reduces the pressure of working. It their business that whether the smoker smoke or not. We should have smoking area only for smokers. I don't support smoking, but you can't ban smoking completely. Everyone should tell the smokers around, "smoke less."

  • It shouldn't be

    Smoking should not be banned.It's a question of fundamental right and govt is not supposed to interfere.But it would be good if govt bans it on public place because it is also very harmful for the people who don't smoke specially for the childrens because they are also smoking passively.

  • Nein nein nein

    If smoking were illegal it'd be misdemeanor like weed, which is already going legal. Prohibition of alcohol didnt work, because people want to drink; same thing would happen with tobacco. Prices would probably drop, being tax free, folks would still smoke and government would simlly not benefit from taxing the sales. A ton of unnecessary tickets, prohibition enforcement, court dates and folks serving time in jail because they cant afford to pay/refuse to pay court costs and fines.

  • Smoking is a personal choice

    Smoking is a personal choice that should NOT be taken from individuals completely. If a smoker is acting with regards to others around them or in their personal home or space then they should be allowed to have the right to light up. I do think the smoking in public should be reserved for outside areas as to not infringe on others indoors.

  • Fundamental right

    No smoking should not be banned. What responsible grown adults do in their on own time and property is not the concern of the government. As long as people are not "hurting" others through their actions, there is no valid reason why they should not be allowed to smoke in private.

  • No. Absolutely not.

    Smoking should not be banned altogether, despite being a health hazard and a terrible habit. If the government is given the right to tell citizens they cannot smoke--for their own good--then no personal choice will be safe from state intervention. Do you want a 44 ounce Dr Pepper? Too bad, it's illegal. Are you craving a cheeseburger? They're prohibited.

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