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...to talk to more and make that daily connection with even if it is just sharing something as small as, buying a really cute shirt on sale. The connection between a mother and daughter is visceral and it does not matter whether she lives next door, in another state, or if she is even still alive. Tannen also touched on something that I personally felt was more of the connection between my oldest daughter and myself. Instead of that yearning for such intimate communication, there is also that visceral pain that some daughters seem to have and blame their mothers for, the idea that “I owe this all to my mother.” I can recall the smallest remarks sparking the most significant response or outbursts as an adolescent and now I see the same reaction in my daughter as well. Tannen hit the nail on the head when she described some interactions like, “having to watch every word, like walking on eggshells” (Tannen, 2006) She also brought up something I never really gave much thought to, the difference between the message and the meta-message. She describes it by saying that the message is something that everyone can agree on, the literal or dictionary message, but the meta-message is how the message is perceived. For example, I could tell my daughter something to the effects of, “ I am really proud of you for bringing up your grades!” How I meant that was, I am genuinely proud, but how she would take it would be more along the lines of, “What so you were never proud...


2If the nationalist ilustrados of the late19th century basked in the

 Age of Enlightenment 

, wenow wallow in the

 Age of Stupid 

.In the recent film entitled

The Age of Stupid 

, an old man (played by Postlethewaite) living inthe devastated world of 2055 and

watching „archival‟ footage from 2008 wonders



didn‟t we stop climate change whilst we still had the chance?”


Recent studies indicate thatthis is no longer fiction. The convergent global crises of global warming, peak oil and theeconomic crunch, combined with exponential population growth will be acutely felt by 2015,as the world moves inexorably to ecological and economic collapse by 2050. If, by then,there is a lone survivor with access to undamaged computer and electric generator, he willmost likely be watching digital footages of 2011, and crying out loud, How could we havebeen so stupid?Would Rizal, the reputed Child of the Enlightenment, have anything relevant to say regardingour Age of Stupid? T

hat‟s the question I‟d like to

explore in this paper. pose today.


We begin with a review of a familiar essay


Filipinas dentro de cien años


the firstmodern futuristic essay ever written by a Filipino, if not by a Southeast Asian. Havingdeconstructed the colonial history of Las Filipinas, Rizal weighs the coun

try‟s historical



given the prevailing geopolitics of his time


and then comes out with hisscenari

o for the Philippines‟ future:



The Filipinos will rise up against Spain.2.

The Filipinos will win the Revolution against Spain.3.

The rising imperial power, the USA, will invade the country4.

The Filipinos will resist American imperialism.As Rizal puts it,

 Muy probablemente las Filipinas defenderán con un ardor indecible la libertad comprada a costa de tanta sangre y sacrificios.

(Veryprobably the Philippines will defend with indescribable ardor the liberty she hasbought at the cost of so much blood and sacrifice).5.

Filipinos will succeed in repelling the American invaders6.

Filipinos will constitute themselves into an independent Federal Republic7.

The Filipino nation will become prosperous and progressive.Envisioning the future, Rizal waxes poetic:

With the new men [

los hombresnuevos

] that will spring from her bosom and the remembrance of the past, shewill perhaps enter openly the wide road of progress and all will work jointly tostrengthen the mother country at home as well as abroad with the sameenthusiasm with which a young man returns to cultivate his father's farmland so




My good friend George Aseniero has recently written a brilliant essay, “Rizal on USImperialism,” on how Rizal analysed turn

-of-the-century geopolitics and became convincedthat the US will invade

 Las Filipinas

. His paper, to be presented at the Rizal@150 conference

at the Ateneo this July, is based on Rizal‟s heretofore undiscussed and seemingly forgotten


(draft/note) probably written, notes Aseniero, after the publication of his

Filipinasdentro de cien años.

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