Nt1310 Unit 10 Assignment 1

Unit 10: Caring for Children and Young People


In this assignment I will be explaining the strategies and methods that can be used to support children, young people and their families when abuse is suspected or confirmed.

A key method of ensuring support to children and young people is making sure that the care professionals know what abuse is, the signs of it, how it impacts people and knowing the methods in how they will support the children and young people who have been abused, as well as their families. It is important to remember that the child or young person who has been abused is at the centre of support and attention and know that they have people who are supporting and understanding them throughout the situation.

When a child discloses information about themselves being abused there are numerous methods of how you can support them and their families; providing professional support for the child and their family is one of them. Counselling is available for a whole family as well as separately for the parents or the child. Family therapy as a group will help to resolve a specific issue, for example a child has been abused by their uncle and their parents and siblings are finding it hard to deal with the impact of the trauma together, therefore aren’t performing very well as a family and need to learn ways to cope and get back to normal. If the family do not receive help this may increase the risk of a family breakdown happening.

Children and Young People should be given strategies that will empower them and prevent abusive situations. Lessons and programmes specifically designed to address the situations and minimize the effects of abuse should be available. Children and young people should be taught to say ‘’no’’ if somebody is touching them in a private area or in any sexual way, to tell somebody, whether it being a teacher or their parents if they are being maltreated or abused, what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to other...

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Unit 10 - D1
Takara Joseph

Care quality commissions (CQC) are required to ensure that hospitals, care homes, dental and GP surgeries and all care services meet the national standards and provide people with safe and effective high-quality care. OFSTED is the office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. They review and regulate care services which take care of children and young adults and whom deliver education to young people.

The services provided for looked after children (LAC) and young people and care leavers are good in effect. The local authority and virtual school leadership ensure good services and improve standards for LAC. All in all, the quality of provision is effective. Emphasis is placed on promoting placement stability and stable staffing in child care facilities; this helps create stable relationships between LAC and social workers. On the contrary, assessments carried out by social workers are sufficient; however some care plans are inadequate in particularly driving development.

The virtual head teacher for LAC’s and education for pupils in care teams deliver great care to LAC’s, carers and schools. They education attainment of LAC’s has considerably exceeded the national average, with 29% of LAC gaining 5 GCSE’s A*-C.

In contrast to this, there are areas which are underdeveloped when providing care for LAC, for example, accessibility to appropriate residential areas, support provided in academia and in helping LAC’s find jobs.

There are services in place which have been improved to avoid the need for children to be looked after; this had led to a decrease in the total number of young people and children going into care.

Health outcomes for LAC are good and the national standards are better than the average in England. LAC’s frequently visit with their social workers.

The educational attainment of LAC’s has progressively improved, with 28.5% attaining 5 GCSE’s between A-C*, which is considerably higher...

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