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Updated 3-1-2017 – When you realize that your personal stability and professional future are at stake and you’ve admitted to yourself that resume writing is not your strength.

When is it time to invest in professional resume writing services?

Your resume is the critical marketing tool for any job search. It becomes the foundation from which to build your social media platform. It brands you, makes you visible to recruiters, and opens the doors of opportunity. If it works, you work; if it doesn’t work, you don’t work. Quite simply, it’s the most financially important document you will ever own.

This means writing a resume is serious business that:

  • Requires an understanding of how recruitment and hiring strategies affect resumes
  • Demands the clarity of objective analysis to decide how best to package the commodity that is the professional you
  • Insists on unique writing skills, because resumes abide by their own rules

A professionally written resume takes time and thought to determine how best to package the professional you, then more time to write, edit, edit again with your input, then layout and polish the final document. Resume writing is a labor-intensive process for a marketing tool that is mission-critical to your job search; and like most things in life, you usually get what you pay for.

Working with a professional resume writer you get the writing skills, and the objectivity to determine the right focus for your situation, skills that come with writing resumes every day for a living.

The result, when you choose wisely, is a resume that opens the doors to more and better job opportunities, in less time, and with potentially higher earnings; assuming of course you have good professional skills to begin with and that you learn to use the resume effectively in your job search.

In addition, you’ll receive an education in self-awareness, personal branding and career management issues that you can leverage through the years.

What do professionally prepared resumes cost?

Prices vary greatly, but the following accurately reflects the competitive mid-point you are likely to pay for resumes prepared by professionally credentialed and experienced resume writers:

Type of Resume Average Cost Refers To
Entry Level Resume $400 These resumes are usually built for students, new grads & entry-level professionals just entering the job market.
Professional Level Resume $550 Professional level resumes are primarily for working professional with 3-10 years’ experience, not in management and not in other specific careers like IT / Science.
Mid-Career Level Resume $650 Mid-career level resumes tend to be for professionals with 10+ years’ experience, not in management and not in IT or other specialized areas.
Specialized Level Resume $750+ These types of resumes are for specialized professionals who need specific information, keywords, and other needs for their particular industry that others may not require.
Management Level Resume $850+ A management level resume refers to all managers with hiring and firing responsibilities for individual contributors within a company.
Executive Level Resume $1100+ Executive level resumes are built for senior management with bottom-line fiscal, hiring and firing responsibilities for managers.

Now before you faint…

Look at chart and do the math to grasp what it costs you every day, week & month you’re looking for that job:




When money is tight you have to spend it wisely, but a professionally written resume shouldn’t be seen as a “cost”.

It is a marketing investment that can earn you money with every day it saves you in landing your next position. As you can see, for most people it’s the equivalent of two or three days pay.

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I am personally acquainted an automotive industry executive who got laid off from the one job he had ever had. He had never written a resume in his entire life but with the help of a slick website, he has magically become a resume writer. 

The Internet enables anyone to hang out a shingle and become anything they want. If you don’t know the person’s reputation or credentials, don’t be fooled by a pretty website and empty promises.

That will have no bearing on their ability to deliver a resume that will get you results.

Take a look at these 7 considerations for choosing a professional resume writing service that is right for you, and the professional you in the future:

  1. Always ask about resume association membership. The leading professional resume writing associations all have codes of ethics; provide education through annual conventions and ongoing professional accreditation programs.
  2. Always ask about professional credentials. Only those who belong to professional associations and are committed to professional development take the time to earn professional credentials.
  3. Don’t be impressed by credentials, unless you know what they mean and see that they actually relate to resume writing.
  4. Learn what the alphabet soup of credentials all mean. Here’s a comprehensive list of resume writing credentials you can use. The credentials that apply to resume writing are in the first section, coaching credentials, which have nothing to do with resume writing are in the second.
  5. Beware quick-buck artists. Confirm your resume writer of choice has authentic resume writing credentials; if resume and coaching credentials, that’s even better. Just be sure that your choice isn’t someone qualified in a related but very different area of expertise, trying to make a quick buck as a sideline.
  6. Mysterious credentials. If you are told of credentials that do not appear in this list, ask which association awarded them and take the time to check that they do actually exist, it could save you time, money and anguish. If you come across bogus credentials let me know and we’ll investigate.
  7. Ask to see resume samples and ask about the resume writer’s involvement with, and contributions to the profession.

Final Thoughts:

Use your common sense when preparing your resume or looking for resume writing services.

Ask yourself:

  • does the service sound competent or are they just throwing buzzwords at me?
  • Have they asked me intelligent questions?
  • Do I have confidence in their ability to distill what is most marketable about me?
  • Do they seem to care or is this just about being pushy and making a quick sale?

At Knock Em Dead, we provide professional resume writing services at sensible prices and proudly boast a team exclusively composed of senior credentialed resume writers.

All of our professional resume writing packages include coaching services with Martin Yate CPC.

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5 Resume Myths That Can Cost You the Job

By Dominique Rodgers

Monster Contributing Writer


Navigating the unwritten rules of resumes can seem like a daunting task. No one wants to break a rule and lose out on a great job. But who made these rules to begin with? Why are they so pervasive? Are they even relevant anymore?


In many cases the answer is no. These rules aren’t rules; they’re outdated myths. Read on to learn what you should really do with your resume.

It’s All About You


Everyone wants a resume that shows off their skills and experience. Unfortunately, many “job seekers rush off and immediately list all of the wonderful things they have done, many of which may fail to focus on critical aspects of what employers are looking for,” says author and business executive Bill Holland.


“Successful job seekers first find out what that is and describe their background in those terms,” Holland explains. “That catches the eye of the hiring manager and improves their chances of getting to the next level.”

It Can Only Be One Length


Your resume absolutely can’t be longer than one page. No wait, it’s one page for every five years of experience. Or was it 10 years?


Forget all of that. Instead, focus including the most important information as clearly and concisely as possible.


"When I hire for an entry-level position, I expect to see one-page resumes because the candidates shouldn't have very much experience, so in this case, the myth is absolutely true. When I'm hiring for a mid-level position, though, it's common and acceptable to see two-page resumes,” says FlexJobs founder and CEO Sara Sutton Fell.


“The key is that all of the information needs to be relevant to the job for which you're applying,” she explains. “[T]he last thing I want to do is try to sort through all of that info to find what's relevant to me.”

It Can’t Contain Any Gaps in Employment


This may have been true before the Great Recession, but it’s definitely a myth now, says career consultant Tiffani Murray.


“Gaps between employment are much more common these days than 20 years ago,” she explains. “Employers and recruiters almost expect to see gaps on resumes, particularly in younger applicants. Don't let a block of unemployed time on your resume deter you from applying for a job that is right for you.”

It’s a One-Size-Fits-All Document


When you’re applying to different jobs and different employers, you need different resumes to fit each one.


“Job seekers in the 2014 workforce are encouraged to target their resumes based on their career fields, job duties and relevant keywords within a job description,” says Debra Ann Matthews, a professional resume writer and job coach.

It Should Only Include Paid Experience


If you’re young and inexperienced or you’ve been out of work for awhile, showcasing relevant coursework, volunteer experience and community participation can help beef up your resume. Doing so can demonstrate valuable skills, passion and drive.


Another benefit, says career coach Torski Dobson-Arnold, is showing a fit with company culture. Many companies support charities and community organizations “and knowing that an applicant has that same type of philosophy shows a match between the company culture and the applicant's beliefs to a certain degree,” she explains. “If you are able to show value in your volunteer experience and/or show value from fundraising efforts, then that's even better to have on your resume.”


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