Early To Bed Early To Rise Makes A Person Healthy Wealthy And Wise Essay

‘In our religious scriptures it has been advised to get up before sunrise.’ However, nowadays, children have a bad habit of getting up late in the morning because they are awake till late at night due to studies or some other reasons. Staying awake till late at night is bad for health. On the contrary, it is said that ‘early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.’ It means that one who sleeps early and wakes up early is blessed with long life, good health and becomes wealthy.’

1. The disadvantages of getting up late

A. Waking up late makes us lazy.

B. Children who wake up late are unable to complete their homework and personal chores on time, which may result in them becoming anxious or depressed.

2. Advantages of waking up early

In earlier times the sages would wake up at Bramhamuhurt and recite Vedas. So also one is able to study better if we wake up early.

The children who regularly wake up early are happier. Children, make a habit of waking up before sunrise. Encourage your siblings too to inculcate this good habit.

-Mrs. Prarthana Buva

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Early to bed and early to rise


The proverb ‘early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’ is the very good habit for everyone. Everyone should follow it. Its proper meaning is a sleeping and waking pattern has a positive impact on the physical health, mental health, and career of people.

‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise’ which is said by the ‘Benjamin Franklin.’


A person who cares for the time too soon to bed and early to rising then it will be very healthy and wealthy for that person. Early rising is an excellent and healthy habit. An individual who sleeps in time and wake at the beginning of the morning, they will have a healthy body and rational mind. And they will also be successful in his career life.

There is people apply to his work immediately which they decided for do. because well done is always better than well said.

Advantages of this proverb

It is generally in everyone life to make his good health depends on his habit. If everyone will rise early in the morning and go outside for a walk or take some exercise, because early morning makes very fresh and healthy for us. If they do that all things in his everyday life, then they will get the morning energy and good health. After getting a good exercise, they will be whole day feel energetic and less tired during the working time. So, this is very dispensable for early rising people who are interested in making a good health.

An individual who wake up early in the morning for a start his day for his daily work, then they are always more success in his life compare than who wakes up late in the morning. In the early morning, the mind becomes very fresh. They get the ample time to plan out the activities of the day. If everyone does his work on the time, then it will be very profitable for them, and when everyone will work well, and then get bound success in life.  In the successive life, we can bring money and make our wealthy life and happy life.

One of the richest and most successful businesspeople of our time, Donald Trump, wakes up each morning at 5:30 am. It has said that he would spend his time, before leaving for the office, reading the newspaper. He would eventually arrive at his desk at Trump Tower between 7 and 7:30 am.

If everyone will take good decision in his life gets up in rises early morning. The environment of the early morning makes people to very fresh and early morning has slow and pure wind which makes the breath very fresh. The early rising morning gives us pure air which is excellent for the overall development of mind and other functions of the body. Most of the people become a wise person, and they can enjoy all comforts, but only that person can get who can bring money.

Four steps to make a habit of get up early in morning

  • Keep a fixed time for everything

Most of the persons do not want to get up and at the beginning of morning because they want to get too late begin. Make journal documenting of your time before going to bed for the evening and everything should make our journal recording. When you go to your bed, when you eat dinner, when you watch TV, time for reading a newspaper, etc.

  • Imagine extra time in the morning

Imagine what might be able to accomplish, what currently can’t do now, if they got up an extra hour earlier. Envision what would do with that extra hour of time. Would they choose to eat breakfast for better health? Or, maybe you might read the newspaper more thoroughly than just skimming the headlines? Having a good reason to get out of bed will help to set the alarm for earlier and help they get up.

Plan for your morning, you have extra time to do something new.  If once they are decided on what they are going to do with his spare time, then no one can execute to them.

For instance, if they don’t usually prepare his coffee maker the night before, do this to save you a little time. If they plan on going to the gym, set the clothes out the night before. If they plan is to start eating breakfast, gather the ingredients the night before.

  • Take some different steps to get up early

Begin the new found habit of getting up earlier slowly. If they try to change them practice drastically, the chances of hitting their snooze button are greater. Build the new practice 10 or 15 minutes at a time. If they normally get up at 7 am, set their alarm for 6:45 am. To make sure don’t lose any sleep, go to bed 15 minutes earlier than normal.


An early riser is no doubt diligent, and a man who is diligent is sure to shine if life. The span of human life is brief and so every moment of it is valuable. Only an early riser can use the most of his time and can attain success.

However, it should note that proper rest of mind and body is as important as early rising. To ensure that your body and mind get good rest, you should go to sleep in time. If you go to bed late at night and wake up early in the morning, then you will feel fatigue and dull during the entire day. Thus, you should develop the habit of going early to bed and rising at the beginning of the morning.


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