Homework In School Holidays

  • Its just crap...

    The moment the word holiday strikes our mind, we think of going out and enjoying with friends, having fun, chilling and of course relaxing a lot. BUT, schools nowadays have made it so worse that children end up doing holiday homework till the last day of the vacation. When we think of vacations, its like hurray...Its time for vacation after so much of hard work..Wait, but are we getting homework?Oh yes, you think the school is so kind to leave us for one single vacation....Nooooo...The whole lot of joy goes down the drain. Such insane people, they think we are gaining knowledge by writing down the whole lot of crap and sticking pictures neatly and making a well decorated project. So i desperately think that we should not have holiday homework....And if they really really want us to do something, they can give us sensible books to read....Its a burden for the whole family....Parents hav got so fustrated and i can say this firsthand as an 8th grader....

  • A vacation is a time for relaxation!

    Aren't vacations a time to relax with family and celebrate the holiday or something? Well i remember in elementry i spent all of my 2 week holiday break on homework. On vacations i just stress out on homework the whole time which is bad for my health. When i was back at school i was sick with the flu and a stomach virus with a headache on top. I still had homework to do! 54 questions on the reading packet, 75 questions on the math packet, and dont get me started on the rest!

  • Homework sucks alot

    Vacation homework = crappy vacation. Ok people we need to stop overburdening our kids with homework. Its one of the main reasons i always hated going to school is because of the stupid homework. It did not make things any better for me ever. I feel that they like to ruin childrens lives with homework.

  • No, cause NO.

    Vacations are there so students can have a break from school. The term "vacation homework" simply contradicts itself. In my opinion, it's like putting the words "clean" and 'pig" into a phrase. Get what i mean? Us students shouldn't even think of homework during vacation breaks. If you're saying that homework is necessary, why don't you just give us those pieces of homework when school resumes? Of 365 days, why during vacation breaks? Ridiculous, I say. Peace out

  • It's called VACATION for a reason- we get a break from school!

    Hooray! After completing a long, hard 180 day school year and passing all your huge exams, it's time for summer vacation! Wait-what? A packet for each class? This would take months to finish! No! This vacation has just gone down the drain!

    That's how millions of children feel the day before any vacation. And the feeling is not pretty. During vacation, you should be enjoying yourself, not stressing out over homework. I can say this firsthand as an 8th grade student. During my 7th grade Easter break, which, mind me, is only one week, I had 5 essays to write, and that was just part of the ELA homework. I also had to do a giant math project and I had a science packet. Let's not even get started with Social Studies. My "vacation" ended up with me spending at least 3 hours on homework each day, which still wasn't enough and I ended up wasting basically my entire last day doing homework up to 11:00 PM, and I am not exaggerating. And yet I still ended up having to sneak and rush through my last ELA essay during the school day to complete my vacation homework. What kind of Easter vacation is that? It just made me cranky and gave me a headache, it didn't help me or make me any more prepared for school. Schoolwork is for school. The time I spent "celebrating" Easter was more of me thinking of how much homework I could have gotten done if I was at home. Teachers do not get this sort of torture, so why should kids?

  • Holiday home work is crap

    As others said vacation term itself explains everything. I feel students should not be given any work during vacation holidays. This is the time for them to explore the world like going on a trip, visiting places of their interest or something else. I feel visiting taj mahal makes more sense than reading about it in books.

  • The question answers itself.

    A vacation, is a period of time when you relax and do whatever you want. If you have homework, then how will you be able to enjoy yourself during the vacation? You could suggest revision to the students - people do forget without practice, but otherwise no 'homework', it is like putting a bird in a cage, let the students be free during this period of time called 'vacation'.

  • Students should not have homework over break

    Students shouldnt have homework over vacations. Clearly, it can cause students to become stresses out or sleep deprived. For one thing, in 2004, University of Michigan surveys found 2,900 six to seventeen year olds spend 3 hours 58 minutes on homework. This could lead to being late for an important event , which can cause stress and make the student rush the homework. Secondly, students could get sleep deprived from homework because they wait until last minute to do it on vacation, this also can lead to stress since the student might start to get upset over it. On top of all that, studies show 29% of 13 year old students spend 2 or more hours on homework. Certainly, kids should not be given homework over breaks. Firstly, a lot of kids spend 3 hours 58 minutes on homework. Second of all, kids can easily become sleep deprived from staying up late to do homework. Lastly 29% of teens use up two or more hours on homework. Without a doubt it can make kids lose sleep or stressed out. (cowboy Payton:D)

  • I think no likes homework over their vacation!

    No because their vacation is for relaxing, spending time with family, and getting away from school. Relaxing I mean like just hanging out and play video games or something else. And spending time with family is like going to go see and hang out with other family members and the ones you live with if you live with your family. Then getting away from school like who wants to go to school for a holiday vacation and you can relax and spending time with family also friends. So that is why you shouldn't have homework over vacation.

  • No, that is not vacation.

    No, school students should not have vacation homework, because the whole point of taking a vacation is to put their minds on something else. Children cannot do all the things they are supposed to do, like play, socialize, or try other activities, if they have to spend large amounts of their vacation thinking about school work.

  • Gone are the days when kids could enjoy holiday breaks homework-free. Sadly, the trend seems to be that students are getting assignments that they must complete during their time away from school. Whether it’s a complicated science project, or a reading log proving they’ve put in the required hours with their noses buried in a book, children are now often burdened with having school work on their shoulders, when they should otherwise have a respite from their school duties.

    Not only does homework over the holidays hang over the heads of students’, but it’s also a hardship for the parents who have to ensure their child completes the tasks the teachers have given them. So, is it fair for teachers to give out assignments over the holidays?

    As a parent of three school-age children, I become somewhat disappointed when informed that one or more of my kids is required to work on a school project during a break. I simply can’t comprehend why their teachers refuse to allow them to relax and take a step back from all the work their required to complete on a daily basis during the school year. Of course, I know that teachers have good intentions, but I’d love for them to cut the kids some slack when they’ll be out of school for an extended period of time.

    When I was kid, sometimes schoolwork was optional over the breaks, as extra credit or simply for extra enrichment. I remember electing to complete the public library reading challenge every summer. We would log the books we read and hopefully win a prize at the end. Of course, plenty of greedy and dishonest kids would simply write down unread book titles and their respective authors unchecked, as the entire thing was based on the honor system. I always truly read over summer, but never won a coveted library reading challenge prize.

    Speaking of extra credit, one teacher I consulted didn’t believe in it and stated that it was an out for kids who didn’t feel like doing the “real work” that was outlined in the curriculum. He revealed that some eager students would actually request over-the-holiday homework in an effort to impress him and attempt to win brownie points, and he would actually refuse these students’ request for extra work!

    I guess there’s might be a bright side to homework over the holidays. I know my kids certainly get bored after being home for several days. Threatening them with having the complete their assigned school work would certainly spare my ears from the assault of unwanted complaints. My kids already know that if they tell me they’re bored, then I have a long list of chores I can consult for a way to keep them occupied. Adding homework to that list might help them to keep their complaining to themselves.

    Another positive aspect of doing at-home schoolwork would be that it would keep kids from staring at screens all day. Laptops, tablets, video games, movies, TV shows, phones, and other screens all conspire to occupy all the hours of a child’s day. Forcing your kids to turn off the devices and grab a pencil to work out a few math problems can only be for their own good.

    Of course, if your child is struggling in school, not only would vacation homework be beneficial, but perhaps hiring a tutor might also be necessary. In fact, vacations and holidays are the perfect time to play “catch up” for a student who’s lagging behind their peers. Upon reviewing a poor report card, engage your child’s teacher for suggestions of supplemental work your child can be working on during off-school hours.

    Even if your children don’t get official homework, spending time with them over the holidays or vacations is the perfect time to teach them life lessons. Not only are they rested, relaxed, and receptive to soaking up your knowledge, but you can make things fun and teach them something at the same time. Use baking to teach measuring and fractions, and get cookies as a result! Break out your dusty sewing machine and instruct your child in the art of quilt-making. Take a class together to learn how to knit, or acquire the skill of origami. You could even have your children journal about each new experience to show their teacher and possibly still earn some extra credit simply for going the extra mile while at home. You will always be your child’s first and best teacher! Maybe these teachers are onto something after all.

    In the end, if you find the idea of over-vacation schoolwork to be troubling, simply contact your child’s teacher to let him or her know. Most teachers are reasonable and will explain their thinking behind assigning the extra work. Perhaps their curriculum is full, and the only way they see to complete it before the year’s end is to give the additional homework. Or, maybe their feel their class’s test scores as a whole are below national, state, or county standards and find that these supplemental tasks will give their students an academic boost. Maybe, they simply think it will benefit the parents to keep the children busy when they may otherwise become bored.

    It’s important not to display distaste for over-break schoolwork in front of your children. Take it up privately with your child’s teacher if you think it’s an issue. Your child is watching you and will pick up on your negativity regarding school and possibly even towards his or her teacher. Make it a point to never associate school, teachers, or homework with bad feelings, or your child may possibly begin to hate school. Holiday homework may not be ideal in your mind, but in the end, it will likely benefit your child.

    Well, maybe the “unschoolers” have it all figured out after all. Kids can discover so much from the environment around them and don’t need paperwork to learn everything in life. Why not let kids be kids and allow them to explore the world without having to document everything? Teachers’ hearts are in the right place, but perhaps they should reconsider their policies on homework…especially in regard to holiday breaks.

    Lauren MJ Connelly

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