Em12k Classification Essay

General Description

AS EM12K is copper coated submerged arc welding wire designed particularly for welding of mild steels. It contains higher Si than
AS S2 submerged arc welding wire.

It is used for submerged arc welding of unalloyed structural steels with a tensile strength up to 520 N/mm², ship's plates and fine grained carbon-manganese steels.

Classification and Chemical Composition (w%), Typical, Wire / Weld Metal

EN 756:S2 (S 35 2 AB S2 with flux LW-860)
AWS A5.17:EM12K




< 0,025

< 0,30


0,05 (*)

0,30 (*)

1,20 (*)

< 0,020 (*)

< 0,15 (*)


  (*) Typical weld metal composition obtained by using LincolnWeld 860 flux.

Mechanical Properties, Typical, All Weld Metal

Yield Strength
:370 - 450(N/mm²)  
Tensile Strength:450 - 540(N/mm²)  
Elongation (L=5d)
:25 - 30(%)  

Note: Tensile and yield strength values are given in a wide range, as the submerged arc welding flux compositions might vary considerably. Mechanical properties obtained by using LincolnWeld 860 flux are shown below.

Yield Strength:440(N/mm²)  
Tensile Strength:510(N/mm²)  
Elongation (L=5d):25(%)  
Impact (ISO-V)

Materials to be Welded

General Structural Steels :
DIN: St 33, St 34, St 37, St 44, St 44-2, St 44-3, St 52, St 52-3
EN: S185, S235, S275, S355
Fine Grained Steels :
DIN: StE 255 - StE 355
EN: S255N - S355N
DIN: WStE 255 - WStE 355
EN: P255NH - P355NH
Elevated Temperature Steels :
DIN: St 35-8, St 45-8
EN: P235G1TH - P255G1TH
Pipe Materials :
DIN: StE 210-7 - StE 360-7
EN: L210 - L360NB
DIN: StE 290-7 TM-StE 360-7 TM
EN: L290MB - L360MB
DIN: X42, X46, X52 (API 5LX)
Boiler & Pressure Vessel Steels :
EN: P235GH, P265GH
DIN: 17 Mn 4, 19 Mn 6
EN: P295GH, P355GH
Ship Plates :
DIN: A, B, C, D
DIN: AH32 - EH36
Cast Steels :
DIN: GS-38, GS-45
EN: GE200, GE240

Available Sizes and Packaging

Dia. (mm)
1,62,02,43,24,0Spool Weight (kg)

SAW Wire







Ürün Broşürü (PDF)

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